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  • Natalie Williams

Quick Update – It’s Okay To Be Quiet …

Welcome to version 4 of my latest post! Yes it has taken me that many times to finally find the right words to explain the past few months.

You may have noticed that I have been a little absent for a good month or so and in my previous attempts of writing this post I listed the many reasons why.

That was until I had this realisation that I don’t actually need to explain myself to anyone. It’s funny how we feel we have to justify ourselves to others about every decision we make or don’t make.

Sometimes your heart knows things that your mind can’t explain and the best remedy for that is quiet which I think sums up the last couple of months for me.

On a positive note my love of writing and sharing has definitely not faded and I plan on scheduling some more posts over the Christmas holidays so stay tuned for some more updates.

Thanks for reading and make sure you share your smile with the world today ☮

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