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  • Natalie Williams

6 Things That Made My January Extraordinary

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough.” – Melodie Beatty

I’m sure in January there were many times when I thought “Could the day get any worse?” but now we’re in February and I’m reflecting on all the things that made January great those unpleasant days are so insignificant as the good always outweighs the bad. These are just a few things that I am grateful for this month, I keep a gratitude journal that I write in daily for all the little things in between.

  1. Work/Life balance – January was a breath of fresh air when it came to the balance of work and home (mainly with my husband). Normally when I get home from work I have the crazy rush of hurrying the kids to shower and do chores while multitasking dinner for the night and making lunches for the next day so pulling up into the driveway and seeing my husband’s Ute, smelling dinner and seeing washing already hanging up on the line was amazing! If my husband is reading this, THANK YOU!!

  2. School success – The anxiety I had built up about my “baby” going to big school has passed and just as I always knew she has settled in well with no issues. I’m also so happy with the teacher my son has this year and I think she will have a huge impact in his life, not just with learning but helping him be his best self.

Cheerleading – Yes, I found a sport I was meant to do in life, so I enrolled my daughter instead lol! Okay so I most definitely do not part take in cheerleading, but I love how genuinely happy it makes my daughter. The hour training also gives me a chance to study and spend some quality time with my son so it’s a win, win for all.

  1. Get togethers – We had quite a few social events on in January which meant delicious food, baby cuddles, lots of laughs, afternoon swims, catching up with friends and family, taking photos and making memories in general.

  2. Positive blogging – January seemed to be a huge success for my blog and I received some of the most beautiful feedback and comments that I will treasure forever. I get so much joy from writing so knowing that others get joy from reading my blog is the best feeling and I’m so incredibly grateful.

  3. Interior styling – I’m a sucker for changing my house around and I’m obsessed with all things interior. In January I had a huge clean out of the house and added some new items which was the fresh start to the year I needed.

I challenge everyone to do the same for January, it doesn’t have to be 6 things, maybe you can only think of 3 but anything is a start. Gratitude can change your life so this month stop waiting for something positive to happen before practising gratitude and find the good in every experience because you never know when it’ll be your last.

Thanks for reading!

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