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  • Natalie Williams

5 powerful benefits of staying calm

You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you. – Dan Millman

Do you ever look at someone loosing their shit and think….”you really just need to calm the f*ck down?” Some of my most unpleasant memories include some sort of irrational violence or unreasonable reactions caused by anger, stress or pain. As I’ve gotten older and wiser (the wise part is debatable lol.) I’ve become far more chilled out when reacting to situations that would have previously made me want to explode. I’ve realised that reacting in anyway that isnt balanced out with calm uses way too much energy that I just don’t have to spare. I did a little research and found that being calm actually has some pretty cool benefits, so if like me you find yourself exhausted from having from irrational reactions these 5 benefits might motivate you to make some changes.

  1. Calm can be contagious – We all know how easy it is to pick up on someone’s emotion when they are in a state of panic or stress even if you’re not directly involved but just an observer of a situation. Calm also has the same impact and has the power to change an incredibly uncomfortable situation into a more manageable one.

  2. You will make better decisions – Without the clouded mix of negative emotions calmness leads to clearer more rational thinking. This means we can better see the whole picture rather than just the problem or our desired outcome.

  3. It balances out all of your emotions – Just like you can’t have a rainbow without a little bit of rain emotions are the same. It’s not that stress, fear or any other emotion is bad as they can all be useful in how we react to different situations, but calmness gives us the flexibility to better control and balance all the other emotions.

  4. Calm is strength and power – This means you are not letting your impulses control you and you are no longer the puppet of your negative emotions. This is the ultimate display of strength and power.

  5. You’ll be respected – People will admire you for keeping your cool and not allowing yourself to loose control. They will feel more comfortable approaching you without the worry that you might lash out which creates a happier environment for everyone around you.

I hope everyone can relate to some of the benefits I shared and make sure you stay tuned for my tips on how to bring more calm into your life

Thanks for reading and make sure you share your smile with the world today ☮

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