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New Zealand Travel Diary 4 – Skyline, Gondola & Luge

Welcome back!

Here is my fourth entry of my New Zealand Travel diary, you can check out my first entry here, second entry here and my third entry here.

Here are some super quick answers to some common questions

  1. I am here with my husband, 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter

  2. We are staying at Peppers Beacon, Queenstown which is in walking distance of everything

  3. We are staying here for 7 nights

  4. Here is a list of snow essentials for skiing or snowboarding that I recommend buying before coming to NZ. I got most of the snow gear from ALDI and the remaining from Mountain Warehouse.

Day Six

Today we went to the Queenstown Skyline. We took a Gondola up the mountain which was beautiful! Even better was that our son who is terrified of lifts didn’t get scared at all which was a massive relief. The views when you get to the top are picturesque.

Included in our pass were 5 Luge rides which is a MUST! We all had so much fun , you go so fast its crazy! Our daughter had to go tandem with another adult which my husband didn’t mind volunteering to do as the extra weight made them go faster (typical male lol!). If you go to Queenstown you definitely need to get to the Skyline as it’s an experience all ages can enjoy and there’s a heap of other activities you can do once you’re up there. 

In the afternoon we went to the Below Zero Ice Bar. Be prepared that it is SOOOO cold (I know that seems obvious) but we were still so shocked at just how cold it was. The cocktails are AMAZING though and the kids enjoyed their mocktails.

We then went to The Pub on Wharf for dinner which was the cheapest meal we have had yet! It was also one of the most delicious, I recommend the Beef Wellington if you are wanting a very “hearty” meal.

Stay tuned for the last day, we have one more big activity that we are doing! 🙂

Thanks for reading ☮

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