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New Zealand Travel Diary 3 – Remarkables

Welcome back!

This is the third entry of my New Zealand Travel diary, you can check out my first entry here and my second entry here.

Here are some super quick answers to some common questions

  1. I am here with my husband, 8 year old son and 6 year old daughter

  2. We are staying at Peppers Beacon, Queenstown which is in walking distance of everything

  3. We are staying here for 7 nights

  4. Here is a list of snow essentials for skiing or snowboarding that I recommend buying before coming to NZ. I got most of the snow gear from ALDI and the remaining from Mountain Warehouse.

Day four

We headed back to the snow today but this time we went to the Remarkables. The drive there is absolutely terrifying, especially when you’re on a bus and you aren’t 100% confident that your driver knows what he is doing lol! The kids did another full day of skiing lessons and again absolutely loved it. My husband used the time to catch up on some work and I spent my time eating and watching the kids. I honestly can’t believe how well our little ones did skiing, they were going down huge mountains and if they fell, they simply got back up and kept going! Super proud mum moment! On our way back to our hotel we dropped all of our ski gear back which was a HUGE relief and my arms appreciated not having to hold a million things. We went for dinner at the “World bar and restaurant” which had delicious food, awesome cocktails and was great for kids!

Day Five

This was the only day we had nothing planned and we timed it perfectly because for the majority of the day it rained. There are still a heap of things you can do on a rainy day with children so we were out for most of the day. We went to the Odyssey sensory maze but after seeing that the first room was filled with balloons (I HATE BALLOONS) I decided to sit it out. My husband and children said it was lots of fun but there was NO WAY you would get me in a room filled with balloons. Next we went to Thrill Zone which was SO much fun for all of the family. They have so many different activities you can do and even offer a kids club. We had lunch at Devil burger (BEST BURGERS EVER!) and had a relaxing rest of the day.

Only 2 more day to go before its home time!

Thanks for reading ☮

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