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February Favourites 2018

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” – Tony Robbins

Following on from my post “6 Things That Made My January Extraordinary” I have decided that really reflecting on the previous months positives is quite therapeutic so here I am for February’s addition.

  1. The best text ever – You know when you get a random text message and it leaves you smiling for the rest of the day? Well I had the pleasure of getting a text message with a video of my niece saying “Aunty Nat is my beautiful girl” and it made my entire day. I have played it a million times and it continues to make me smile.

  1. I left the house – Okay so I wouldn’t say I’m a total hermit but when it comes to venturing out to places I wouldn’t normally go my anxiety kicks in and it takes a lot of convincing for me to go. When the mind body and soul festival popped up I HAD to go and what better motivation for me to go than knowing I would be meeting a new friend. It was such a good morning spent with amazing company and another step forward of taking control of my anxiety.

  2. I lost my bridesmaid virginity – I have always struggled to have “girl”


My February was far from perfect and there is so much of life that is out of my control but how I respond is. It’s just as easy to sit and dwell on all the things that went wrong as it is to dwell on all the things that went right. In either situation whether you remember the good or the bad you are reinforcing all the feelings you had at the time and I think we can all agree that the feeling of happiness and joy is the one I would rather put my energy into.

As I am sat here writing this, the sun is shining, my children are playing peacefully, my husband is home safe from night shift and I’m enjoying a nice cup of tea. The negative of February has absolutely no impact on my present moment and February is exactly where it will stay.

Thanks for reading xo


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