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Bali Travel Diary 5 – Seminyak


Welcome to what we got up to for our last few days, as I’m typing this I am about to enjoy our final dinner in Bali so I’m going to make the most of it! We had a really fun couple of days so I hope you enjoy this diary entry

Don’t forget to check out day 1 – 2 , day 3 – 4 , day 5 and day 6 -7 if you are new to my travel diary.

☀ Day 8 ☀

Our little ones were back in Kids club which by the way is SO much fun. They have gone fishing, crab catching, swimming, had lots of fun competitions, they sing songs, learn dances, have their faces painted, the list is never ending so don’t feel guilty if you choose to put your little ones in kids club too.

Potato Head

With our freedom my husband and I went to Potato Head in Seminyak which was nothing like I had ever expected!! It is basically a HUGE beach club that has an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean. It super modern and really cool looking as it is made out of coloured antique shutters salvaged from across Indonesia. We had lunch here and had the best chicken burger we have ever had, seriously you HAVE to get it!! I’m feeling a little self conscious so I decided against having a swim and walked along the beach instead. I did see a couple of children here but I would recommend not taking the kids and booking yourself a day bed to enjoy an entire day of relaxing, swimming and drinking.

Once we had picked up our little ones we went for a quick swim before heading out to dinner at Bubba Gumps. My husband and I had been to Bubba Gumps before in Hawaii and I actually think our Bali experience was a lot better. It is my husband and I’s 9th anniversary so our waitress surprised us with a cake and sang us a song which literally all the staff got involved in. If you are looking for a really fun family dinner I HIGHLY recommend Bubba Gumps, its great for all ages.

☀ Day 9 ☀

It is our full day and night here in Bali so we wanted to do something fun with the kids. We decided to go to the DMZ Museum which has dozens of illusionistic 3D art works where you can take trick photos. It only cost us $11 each to get in and the staff will take as many photos of you for free of charge. I literally just transferred 172 photos but I wont bore you with all of them. The kids (and my husband) had so much fun posing for the photos.

Thanks for reading! ☮

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