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Bali Travel Diary 4 – Nusa Dua & Uluwatu


Here is day 6 and 7 of our Bali adventure. The longer we stay here the less I want to leave, I really feel at home here in Bali. Don’t forget to check out day 1 – 2 , day 3 – 4 and day 5 if you are new to my travel diary.

☀ Day 6 ☀

We had a relaxed day and put the 3 children in kids club keeping only the 9 month old with us (he’s the most well behaved anyway lol) We headed to Nusa Dua first and our driver recommended someone he knew to do some water sport. I’m not a huge fan of water sports so I sat out and babysat while everyone else went and did something (I would choose baby cuddles over water sports any day!)

The best thing about having a driver who is a local is that they’ll take you to places you wouldn’t have found as a tourist. I unfortunately cant remember the name of the restaurant we went to for lunch but the food was authentic, delicious and although it was a little out of my comfort zone it was a great experience.


We then went to a place called Blue Point in Uluwatu which was had a huge infinity pool with the most incredible view you have ever seen. We spent a little bit of time there before heading back to Kuta to pick up our little ones and having an afternoon swim and some cocktails by the pool.

We finished off the evening by having dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Bali which was a really cool experience if you haven’t been before. You will be looking at paying Australian prices here for dinner and don’t go to overboard on starters or you wont have room for your main meal.

☀ Day 7 ☀

It was a bit of a sad day today because it was home time for the family we were here with. We decided to make it a super relaxed day because of this so laid by the pool and did some more shopping. We went to the Irish pub for dinner that is in our hotel and enjoyed a nice “home cooked” dinner and my favourite apple pie and custard for dessert. Before bed we enjoyed our first ever fish foot spa which was surprisingly super relaxing and the best way I can describe it is feeling like a really week vibration around your feet. I would definitely do it again.

Thanks for reading! ☮

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