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Bali Travel Diary 3 – Ubud


Here is day 5 of our Bali adventure, i’m starting to get a little sad at how fast it seems to be going but am determined to be present and enjoy every moment we have in Bali. Don’t forget to check out day 1 – 2 and day 3 – 4 if you are new to my travel diary.

☀ Day 5 ☀

Today we spent the day in Ubud with our family. We are lucky enough to have my husbands cousin here with us with his partner and 2 children. We had planned for the two adult boys to go and do water rafting while us girls did some shopping at the markets with the children. To be totally honest I wouldn’t recommend shopping with an 8 month old, 4 year old, 5 year old and 7 year old unless you have them chained to your body to stop them getting distracted and walking away. The kids weren’t overly naughty but very bored and obviously not used to the confined busy space the market environment brings. We gave up after 30 mins into our shopping trip and sat at a restaurant for a couple of hours before heading back to pick the boys up.

Monkey Forest

Next stop was the monkey forest which I was a little apprehensive about going to after hearing some horror stories but I am so glad we did it!

If you stick to the rules which are don’t look at the monkeys in the eyes, don’t touch them and don’t feed them they will generally leave you alone. The temples!! This has been on a bucket list of mine for years and years and they were everything I expected and more. The intricate detail on every piece of stone and painting is something no machine could ever replicate and each sculpture was unique.

I’m obsessed with trees so I enjoyed just simply taking in the beauty of their roots and leaves as well as all the other beauty that had naturally grown over the years.

Okay now the monkeys as cute as they were also gave me huge anxiety as they can be a little unpredictability and I had this vision of one of them grabbing my daughter to raise as their own but all was okay! We survived the entire walk with only a growl and a couple of coconuts being thrown at us lol! **Tip – If mosquitoes love the taste of your blood I would definitely apply a heap of spray before going to the monkey Forrest as they are everywhere!**


We finished off the evening by going for a nice dinner at a local restaurant and got to see another beautiful sunset on our way there.

We then got taken home by horse and carriage which our daughter absolutely loved!! She squealed with excitement and now wants to find a unicorn to take us home tonight lol!

Thanks for reading! ☮

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