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Bali Travel Diary 2 – Gianyar

Hello to all of the beautiful souls reading,

We are now on travel diary number 2 which will feature day 3 and 4. If you missed my first diary entry click here to see what we got up to on day 1 and 2. We are all absolutely loving Bali life and cant wait to share what other adventures we get up to along the way!

☀Day 3 ☀ Bali Zoo

We started the morning of early and had booked a local taxi driver to come and take us to the zoo. **TIP** The traffic in Bali is CRAZY so I would definitely recommend always leaving earlier than usual just to be safe. As I mentioned in my last post the Balinese people are so kind and will generally point out any landmarks along the way and will answer any questions you have if you are super curious (not nosy) like myself. The Zoo was incredible and VERY interactive. We always seemed to be in the right place at the right time so got to feed and touch the elephants, we were able to meet a couple of cheeky Orangutans and even feed a tiger! If you are travelling with children they will love exploring the zoo and there’s no chance of them getting bored. We had lunch at the zoo and if you’re a fan of Nasi Goreng you’ll LOVE the restaurant there as it does the best Nasi Goreng ever!

Luwak Coffee Tasting

On the way from the zoo our driver stopped at a local coffee plantation where they show you how the coffee bean grows, the animals that then digest it (Luwaks) and then what happens after they have collected the Luwaks poo to grind the beans and make the most expensive coffee in the world (it was actually really interesting.) You then get a free tea and coffee taste testing which was delicious and both children tasted each tea and actually had a favourite. The most amazing part of this stop was my husband going on a Bali swing (I was way too chicken lol) which was a big tick of his bucket list!

☀Day 4 ☀

We had our little ones booked into kids club today so the adults could enjoy a nice relaxing day in Kuta after the busy day yesterday. We went and got massages, did some shopping at the markets and enjoyed a beautiful lunch with some cheeky cocktails.. YAY for kids club (they had fun too I promise lol)

We have a busy day planned for tomorrow so stay tuned for another update!

Thanks for reading ☮

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