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  • Natalie Williams

A must see video this “Pay It Forward Day.”

“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” – Mark Twain

Pay It Forward Day” is a global initiative that exists to make a difference by creating a huge ripple of kindness felt across the world. They believe that everyday small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can literally change the world for the better and I could agree more.

I watched the video below a couple of days ago and felt so inspired that this 9-year-old boy had such a compelling idea to help others who may be having a similar negative experience in school and to help prevent it in the future. This small idea has spread around Australia and so many schools have already installed a buddy bench with many more to follow.

No matter how big or small your act of kindness may be, it has the power to keep spreading and change the world. We all need to find the courage, like Charlie did to start that ripple effect and there’s no better time like the present.

Thanks for reading ☮

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