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  • Natalie Williams

5 key benefits of celebrating the small wins

“Success is a series of small wins.”

When was the last time you celebrated success? As I am going through my coaching journey, I have learnt how important celebrating EVERY success is, no matter the size. Sometimes taking action is a reason to celebrate as this starts the process of building the momentum for further success. When I reflect on my year, I had SO many reasons to celebrate but didn’t and it’s so obvious to me now that the empty, defeated feeling I experienced through out the year is because I kept delaying celebrating success.

If you’re feeling the same way, or you’re not convinced that celebrating the small wins is beneficial please take the time to read my 5 reasons why you should start celebrating success today!

  1. HAPPINESS – Yes that right! Celebrating small wins will make you happier. Endorphins, dopamine and other “happy” chemicals are released into our brain when we achieve something, and they are responsible at giving us that feeling of pure joy. Once we have a taste for that good feeling, we want more of it so stop moving your goal post further away as you are ultimately postponing your happiness too.

  2. MOTIVATION – If you have ever been around a child learning to walk, you’ll be able to relate to this! We celebrate when they take their first step and cheer when they take their second, our excitement encourages them to keep going and before we know it, they’re running around and into EVERYTHING. My point being is just because we are adults it doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate the small wins. In fact, it is proven that celebrating the small wins has the same affect on us as when we were children and it motivates us to keep going. How good does it feel when your boss, friend or colleague tells you what a great job you’re doing? It gives you that extra drive to keep persisting until you get the task done.

  3. MOMENTUM – Who doesn’t love that amazing feeling when you’re on a roll and smashing all the tasks you set yourself out to achieve? Stopping to celebrate the small wins is important for building momentum which establishes a success path towards your bigger goal. When you have built momentum, you have created an energy that can withstand any barriers that might pop up and allow you to continue you to move forward. Every celebration of a win (no matter the size) leaves an imprint which can be used as inspiration later.

  4. MINDSET – It’s important to acknowledge that when we have a huge goal ahead of us it is likely that we may encounter some obstacles along the way. If we choose to only focus on the end goal when these obstacles pop up, we feel defeated and less motivated to keep going. Celebrating every success, no matter how small cultivates your state of mind and makes your long “to do” list turn into an “achievement list.” When you notice and celebrate your victories you see yourself as a success rather than someone who is trying to be.

  5. GROWTH – When you combine all the above reasons your left with growth and that isn’t just restricted to you. Showing others that you don’t need to be overwhelmed and stressed while you’re in the “in-between” stage of reaching a goal is a life changing experience that can continue to be shared. Celebrating success helps up grow into a far more confident, positive, calmer and driven version of ourselves and that is worth celebrating.

Thanks for reading and make sure you share your smile with the world today ☮

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