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  • Natalie Williams

5 Interesting Facts About Our Body You May Not Know

“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.” – Oliver Holmes

Good evening to anyone that is reading!

This post is a little different to what I normally would write but sometimes I think it’s nice to just read something that’s simple, visually pleasing and gives you that “aha moment.”

If anyone follows “Holistic Ali” on Instagram you may have seen some of these images before but for those who haven’t here is a quick summary of what its all about. Ali does a great job at creating awareness of health issues that can be treated holistically or prevented all together. I genuinely just love the images he shares on Instagram as I tend to always learn something new. These are 5 of my favourites but he has SO many more on a variety of topics for health and wellness.

Did you learn anything new?

Thanks for reading and make sure you share your smile with the world today ☮

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