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  • Natalie Williams

4 Tips On Keeping Positive In A World Of Negative Headlines

A great man once said, “Be a lotus.” Which means, no matter how ugly, how evil, and how sinful everyone around you might become, do not allow yourself to be stained. A lotus remains beautiful even as it lingers in the filthy waters of the pond. Don’t be contaminated, do not be influenced by worthless means, remain radiant among the shadows of darkness. Be a lotus. It has to start with one, to fill the pond with more.


Who else finds 90% of news stories super depressing?

It almost feels like there is no escape from the sad and troubling news stories from around the world. When we log on to social media or turn on the news there are more often than not reports of gun violence, acts of terrorism, murders, missing children, or a scary epidemic and it seems as if the world is growing ever more disturbing. It’s hard to not feel a little deflated especially when bad news gets more attention than the good.

It’s difficult to not worry about the kind of future our children will have as it’s easy to get consumed in all the negative happening in the world and want to shield them from some of the harsh realities, however we need to remember that bad news can teach us valuable lessons and motivate us to change our behaviours to make a difference. On so many occasions we see communities who would normally avoid each other come together in the event of a tragedy and consequently put any racial, gender or sexuality biases aside which proves we can live in peace. So instead of dwelling on the negative it’s important to teach our children that there’s also so much joy that can be had and is happening all around the world right now. I personally don’t let my children watch the news yet but when I do I will make sure to keep it well balanced. As for me, I like to keep informed but no longer let the news affect my day so I thought I would share some pointers I like to remind myself of when it comes to keeping updated with the latest world events.


Thanks for reading and make sure you share your smile with the world today ☮

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