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  • Natalie Williams

25 Questions To Ask Your Children

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” – John W. Whitehead

I have seen quite a few of these sort of questionnaires getting around social media and I love reading the responses of other people’s children, not only can it be hilarious but also very insightful. I sat down with my 7 year old son and 5 year old daughter at different times and asked them the below questions. I was actually really surprised by some of their responses and it was super precious to learn a little more about them as well as share some giggles with them.

1. What makes you happy? Xavier– When you tickle me and we say positive things Faith– When people use kind words 2. If you could do anything right now, what would you do? Xavier– Play with Lego Faith– Play with my toys 3. What do you look forward to when you wake up? Both– Breakfast 4. If you opened a shop, what would you sell? Xavier– Lawn mowers and other tools Faith– Food and lollies 5. What’s your Superhero name and what powers do you have? Xavier– Max and I would be a super-fast worker Faith– Rosie and would have fairy powers 6. If you could grow anything in the yard, what would it be? Xavier– Watermelon Faith– Tomato’s 7. What makes you feel brave? Xavier– My big muscles Faith– When people fill my bucket up (An invisible bucket that fills up from kind actions and words) 8. What makes you feel loved? Xavier– When I can talk to you and daddy Faith– When people hold my hand 9. How do you show people you care? Both– Be kind to them 10. What does it feel like when I hug you? Xavier– I feel so happy and loved Faith– They make me happy and feel warm 11. If your stuffed animals could talk, what would they say? Xavier– They would get up to mischief when I’m not around and talk to me about what happens Faith– My dog would bark at Robbo (our cat) 12. What do you enjoy giving people? Xavier– Love Faith– Presents 13. Did you smile or laugh extra today? Xavier– Yes, when we were talking about our teddies talking Faith– Yes, when I went shopping with daddy 14. How do you best like helping others? Xavier– Checking in on them and asking if they are OK Faith– I like sharing with them and give them money 15. What makes you feel thankful? Xavier– When people share their things with me Faith-When people are nice to me 16. What sounds do you like? Xavier– Music (Johnny Cash) Faith– Music (Jack Johnson) 17. If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask? Xavier– What do you like to eat? Faith– Wheres your family? 18. You’re outside for a whole day: what would you do? Xavier– Back flips Faith- Swim in the pool 19. What are some of the best things about nature? Xavier– I like storms because the lightning is cool Faith– Flowers 20. You’re a photographer for a day, what would you take pictures of? Xavier– Cranes and photos of my family Faith– I would take photos of decorations and trees 21. What bugs you? Xavier– When my sister does silly things to annoy me Faith- When people follow me and talk over me 22. What makes your friends so awesome? Xavier– I always have fun with them and they make me laugh Faith– We jump and be excited together 23. What is your favourite thing to do with dad? Xavier– Mow the lawn Faith– Go shopping 24. What is your favourite thing to do with mum? Xavier– Talk Faith– Have lots of fun 25. What to you want to be when you grow up? Xavier– A builder Faith– A mermaid

I think I will make this a yearly tradition to see how much their answers change as they grow. If you have children, or a niece/nephew or just a really special child in your life, ask them the same questions and if you want to share please tag me in their responses as I would love read them.

Thanks for reading!

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